Rockingham Castle Gardens


The Castle stands on the edge of an escarpment giving dramatic views over the Welland Valley and five counties.


The Castle architecture has examples from every period of its 950 year history.  Surrounding the Castle there are some 18 acres of gardens largely following the foot print of the medieval castle.  The vast 400 year old “Elephant Hedge” bisects the formal 17th century terraced gardens.

In 2004 it was decided to clear the herbaceous borders surrounding the Rose Garden in order to eradicate the perennial weeds that had taken hold. The concept is to create “rooms” and vistas utilising Yew hedges and Yew pillars which will draw the visitor around the garden.


The plan was prepared by 2007 Chelsea Gold Medal Winning garden designer Robert Myers. Robert Myer’s design for the new garden retains the 19th-Century Rose Garden at its core, enclosed by the castellated hedge that marks the inner fortifications of the “keep” that once stood on the site. The design breathes new life into the garden by connecting this central area with the rest of the space. A series of new radial yew hedges provide opportunities for vistas, walkways and seating within a series of garden “rooms” that will contain deep borders of stunning herbaceous and shrub planting, each room being given a different character. These garden rooms reflect the layout of the outer parts of the keep. To the south of the garden, new iron estate fencing has replaced a timber fence, and the re-alignment of this fence and removal of overgrown planting mean that the “keep” can once again be appreciated atop its grassy mound.


The wonderful thing about a large garden is the variety of flowering plants and trees that we have. From the arrival of the Aconites & Snow Drops heralding the arrival of spring through to the wonderful autumnal colours, there is always something special to see. Of course it is the roses that dominate in mid to late June.


Tulips in Rockingham Castle garden

Tulips in Rockingham Castle garden

Dog Wood and Tulip Tree.

Below the Castle is the beautiful 19th century “Wild Garden” replanted with advice from Kew Gardens.  Included in the gardens are many specimen trees & shrubs including the remarkable Handkerchief Tree.

An ornamental statue at Rockigham Castle formal Garden

An ornamental statue at Rockigham Castle formal Garden

The Garden Gallery