Castle Tour of Rockingham Castle


The Rooms open to visitors are the Servants Hall, The Street, Old Kitchen, The Great Hall, Naval Lobby, Panel Room & Long Gallery.  As the Castle is still a family home and a working estate there are some areas that are not open to visitors.


The tour of the Castle starts in what was originally exclusively the “below stairs” area. The Old Kitchen, which has been restored to how it would have looked in 1895, it shows the preparation for a grand dinner in progress.


The Great Hall was built on the instruction of William the Conqueror in 1086. Edward Watson, ancestor to the present owners, divided the the room in the early 1600’s creating the adjacent Panel Room. These rooms have always been the core of the house and are still in use today as the main dining and reception rooms of the Castle.  The Great Hall retains a strong Tudor atmosphere with portraits of Queen Elizabeth I and her most powerful advisors – Lords Burghley, Howard and Dudley.


The Panel Room, more than any other room in the Castle, stands witness to the natural evolution of Rockingham Castle from its earliest use as a Royal Fortress to its modern role as a family home and national treasure.


The Long Gallery houses some of the finest paintings and furniture in the Castle. This room would have been the focal point of family entertainment in the past. During the 1850’s Charles Dickens was a regular visitor to the Castle and would have undoubtedly performed one of his many plays here in this room.


Please note, due to the current situation concerning Coronavirus all visits to the Castle and Gardens must be pre-booked using our online ticketing system.  You can purchase tickets here