How to Make a Halloween Garland

You will need:
Orange Wool
Green Wool
Googley Eyes
Green Pipe Cleaners
Pom Pom Maker

Step 1 – Get your pom pom maker ready by folding out the arms. Begin with the green wool and wrap this around one quarter of the pom pom maker. Wrap until you have built up a thick layer of green, leave a length of wool and cut

Step 2 – Take the orange wool and wrap around the remaining area of the pom pom maker until full and then close the arms into the pom pom maker.  Make sure you wrap around  enough wool to make the pom pom nice and fluffy!

Step 3 – With the same bit of wool wrap around the other leg of the pom pom maker until nice and full. Leave a length of wool and cut then close the arm into the pom pom maker.

Step 4 – Now take your scissors and cut down the middle of each arm, this will split the wool in half.

Step 5 – With the pom pom maker still closed, cut a length of wool and run it through the gaps in the arms. Pull very tight and tie with a double knot.

Step 6 – Fold back the arms of the pom pom maker, then pull apart. Your pom pom will be complete!

Step 7 – Fluff the pom pom up and trim any longer ends. Get your googley eyes and stick onto the pom pom.

Step 8 – Cut a small bit of the green pipe cleaner and glue into the top of your pumpkin to make its stalk.

Step 9 – Take a long length of wool, tie a loop at one end and thread you needle with it. Carefully push the needle through the centres of the pom poms so the wool runs right through the middle. Remove the needle from the end of the wool and tie another loop.

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Rockingham Castle Receives Support from the Culture Recovery Fund Round Two.

Rockingham Castle in one of over 2,700 arts, culture, heritage organisations to receive support from the Culture Recovery Fund Round Two.

Rockingham Castle receives lifeline grant from Government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund

Rockingham Castle is one of 445 heritage organisations set to receive a lifesaving financial boost from the government.

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