Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Exhibition

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Exhibition


From 11th July to September on open days.


The Howse Shal Be Preserved is an exhibition at Rockingham Castle, once the site of an Iron Age fort, later colonised by the Romans to establish a mining community. Continuously fed by the landscape Rockingham Castle was built on the instruction of William the Conqueror, recognising the strategic importance of the site with an abundance of geological features, from iron-bearing sandstone beds to dense game filled forests. Home to the Watson family for the last 450 years, having previously been held by the crown, there are very few other homes in England that have been continuously occupied for nearly 1000 years. Featuring work by , Justin Carter, Sarah Gillett and Onya McCausland.


The Exhibition is a collaboration with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art.


Exhibition free with Castle & Gardens Ticket.