Victorian Christmas

This Christmas Eve experience set in 1849 will transport visitors back in time to a Victorian-era Christmas celebration, complete with candlelit Christmas trees, roaring fires, and beautiful period costumes. The atmosphere will be filled with the charm and warmth of the 19th century, providing a unique and immersive festive experience.

Guided tours of the Castle will be led by one of our knowledgeable guides who will be dressed in character as a Housekeeper, Butler, Governess, or Footman. Each guide will take on the persona of their respective roles and share fascinating insights into how Christmas preparations were done in 1849.

  1. Housekeeper: The Housekeeper will take visitors through the meticulous preparations that went into decorating the Castle for Christmas. They will explain the importance of arranging the candlelit Christmas trees, adorning them with homemade decorations, and ensuring the rooms were adorned with festive greenery like holly and mistletoe.
  2. Butler: The Butler will give visitors a glimpse into the lavish Christmas feast that was prepared for the Lord and Lady of the Castle, as well as their esteemed guests. They will describe the process of planning and executing the multi-course meal, complete with sumptuous dishes and traditional holiday treats.
  3. Governess: The Governess will share heartwarming stories about the children of the Castle, recounting how they eagerly awaited the arrival of Father Christmas and the joyous activities they participated in during the holiday season.
  4. Footman: The Footman will give insight into the daily life of the household staff during Christmas preparations, from polishing silverware to ensuring the fires were roaring to keep the Castle warm and cozy.

Throughout the tour, the guides will remain in character, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the experience. They will interact with visitors and answer any questions in a manner befitting their roles, allowing everyone to feel like they truly stepped back in time to experience Christmas in the Victorian era.

Overall, this Victorian twist on the festive season promises to be an enchanting and educational journey into the past, providing visitors with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the holiday traditions of the 19th century.

You can also enjoy a festive treat in Walkers House Tea Room. There is seating in both Walkers House Tea Room and our overflow heated Marquee, reservations are not required.

Tours start at 11am each day, with the final tour departing at 5pm. We close at 5pm each day.

Pre-booking the Castle tours is recommended to avoid disappointment as tickets are limited.

We do not have any availability outside of these times for group visits.

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Castle Entry & Gardens
Adult (16+)£16.50
Senior (65+)£15.00
Student (must show valid ID upon arrival)£14.85
Child (4-16)£11.00
Child (0-3)Free
Family (2 adults and up to 3 children)£44.00

Carers receive free entry at this event when visiting with a disabled person. Please book your paid tickets then email the office with the booking confirmation and proof of your carer status. An additional ticket for the carer will then be added to your order. Please allow 3 working days for this to be organised.

Historic House memberships are not accepted at this event.

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